Dear patients,

That’s the attitude we’ll gladly welcome you back to AppleDent.

We are prepared and equipped to offer you the safest treatment possible,

With these values ​​guiding us, we have established a strict protocol.
• We will send you by email / sms a link with the questionnaires that you will be able to read in order to be as efficient as possible during the time allocated to the appointment.
• We are waiting for you at the clinic at the appointed time; your punctuality is important both for us and for the other patients. We recommend that you come as small as possible if you are accompanying a child or a person with a disability.
• Access to the clinic is by following the steps below:
⁃ the patient comes with his own mask which he will keep until he enters the treatment room
⁃ the patient (and the companion if necessary) will be given the temperature, value noted in the treatment file; values ​​exceeding 37.5 will lead to a reprogramming.
⁃ disinfect your hands with special solutions
⁃ applies to disposable cap and boot
⁃ the rest of the medical documents are completed: consent, health questionnaire, GDPR
• We ask that the toothbrushing be performed beforehand, the flow of patients in the clinic should be as direct and simple as possible.
• The waiting room will be available for a maximum of 3 patients; all spaces for books have been cleared to make them as easy to disinfect as possible.
• At the entrance to the treatment room please:
• touch as few surfaces as possible
• remove the mask
• rinse your mouth with 1% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant
• receive the protective bib
• At the end of the session you will leave the treatment room and we will direct you to the exit area (other than the access area), where you will be able to undress and receive a protective mask.

Your safety and the safety of your family is as important to us as we value our own.

We have taken care of you, our patients, and anytime, you can take the Covid 19 test, with immediate results, in our clinic.


Dr. Raluca Seitan,
Coordinator Doctor